Cloud Acceleration Vision

Build a pragmatic Cloud strategy
Gain in performance and business innovation
Implement a Cloud strategy x Data driven
Think in terms of  overall  security strategy

Framing your strategy and integrating it to your master plan

You are certainly already in the Cloud, but do you fully master its use?

Have you taken full advantage of the cloud?
Do you know exactly where your data is?
Do you feel secure?

Using proven tools and methodologies, our consultants are able to assess your Cloud maturity, take inventory of your assets and identify the risks, obstacles and levers for your move to the Cloud.

Whether on the operational, financial or human aspects, our consultants can help you formalize the objectives, the stakes and the means necessary to secure and serenely transform your information system.

Supporting the operational implementation of your strategy

Cloud Adoption Frameworks (CAFs) are frameworks designed to promote the adoption of their solutions in your information system.

But, are they adapted to your context?

With a wealth of experience in multi-cloud contexts, our employees understand and adapt them according to your requirements to create a secure technical, functional and organizational framework specific to your organization, thus promoting a smooth transition to the Cloud.

Our solution architects will support you in the change management process initiated by this transformation.

Deploying and using services to enhance your data assets

We have formalized approaches (A2C) and models adapted to the challenges of governance (Data Vault 2.0) by centers of excellence with a partnership approach specialized in the main frameworks of the market.

Secure your infrastructure and services enabled in the cloud

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