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Heineken Micropole Case Study

Heineken and France Boissons are transforming their financial processes.

As part of their digital transformation, Heineken and France Boissons decided to equip themselves with a cross-functional financial management tool. The aim was to create synergies and work more closely together thanks to the Oracle Cloud EPM solution and the support of Micropole.


Heineken France's activity is organised around two strategic divisions: Beer Brewing (Heineken Entreprise) and Beverage Distribution (France Boissons). These two businesses are managed independently, despite the common challenges of pooling knowledge and unifying processes.

On both sides, the tools in place no longer met the market's requirements in terms of agility, responsiveness and capacity to integrate new parameters (changing consumer habits, emerging competitors, etc.).

Some figures : 


  • France's leading brewer

  • 3 breweries

  • 72 distribution sites

  • 4,000 employees

France Boisson

  • 2,600+ employees

  • 50,000+ customers (restaurants, hotels, key accounts)

  • 6,500+ beverage references

Heineken Micropole Case Study


The challenge was considerable: the aim was to be able to manage financial processes collectively using a tool capable of covering different business areas depending on the division. Following a call for tender, the choice was made  for Oracle Cloud EPM in the summer of 2018, a solution that had already been deployed at Heineken Spain and on which the feedback was very positive.

Methods and Solutions

On the France Boissons side, all simulations were carried out in Excel - the previous solution being used only as a data storage and reporting tool.

For their part, Heineken's management control teams wanted to open up access to the solution to as many internal players as possible and to better control business processes. The existing infrastructure, which was obsolete and impossible to update, could not meet this ambition.

The Oracle EPM Cloud solution meets the specific requirements of both teams. It enables : 

On the Heineken side:
Cover the entire product portfolio by monitoring marketing costs by brand and by market, and integrate the marketing team into the budget process
- Monitor the profit and loss accounts (PnL) of Heineken France and feed the Group tool
- Monitor and analyse commercial activity, at the level of the article and the market
- Manage the impact of volume/price/brand effects on commercial activity...

On the France Boisson side:
- To have a very advanced simulation capacity of the activity, with an extremely fine level of granularity favouring the reconciliation of the visions of the gross profit (accounting vision) and the net margin (analytical vision)
- To have a finer vision of the profitability of the national brands via an allocation of the logistic costs
- To better follow the PnL France Boissons and to create multiple synergies with Heineken


Among the main benefits welcomed by the management controllers, the savings in calculation and analysis time have proved to be considerable, particularly in the context of macro simulations.  "The automatic and daily loading of data into the tool also facilitates reporting and promotes better productivity for business controllers," states Yoann Lecomte. A major advantage associated with "a finer granularity of analysis that allows us to identify our clients with lower profitability and to refine our ROI calculation", adds Emmanuel Borne.


As a result, Heineken is already planning to integrate a greater number of business lines into the tool, starting with its sales teams, and to develop interactions with management control. At the same time, France Boissons is considering a rolling forecast mode. These two projects are still being carried out in partnership with Micropole and with the Oracle Cloud EPM solution.

The Project


Within the two entities


Partnering of  an experienced project manager


Per perimeter, variable according to the period

Brewer of France

France Boisson has over 50,000 customers

Y Lecomte - InnovativePeople Data cloud and digital transformation consulting firm - Micropole


The success of this project is based on a real collaborative effort between all the stakeholders: the IT department, the business lines and the Micropole teams. We were thus able to achieve our 2020 budget in collaboration with the Marketing teams.

- Yoann Lecomte
Management Controller - Heineken
data and digital cloud innovation - Micropole Group
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