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Innovation driving difference

Micropole supports companies in their Data, Cloud and digital transformation, by making them Data intelligent.

In a constantly evolving world, digital technology continues to transform consumer trends and business models. More and more interactions, more and more uses, more and more data. At Micropole, we are convinced that optimizing companies' data assets is the key to their performance. Every day, our employees detect trends and explore new territories. Their mission is to make Data companies intelligent and help them transform themselves to prepare for the future.

We are pioneers in Data and at the forefront of innovation, thanks to a corporate culture that encourages collective intelligence and co-creation, to develop our talents and support our clients in their transformation " data driven ", and the associated human and technological challenges.

Micropole's raison d'être reflects our responsibility in this rapidly changing world.
To help our clients stay one step ahead by exploiting the full potential of Data, in order to have a positive business impact, thanks to innovation, whether it be technological, process or methodological.

Our signature embodies our conviction: Data Driving Transformation We have a strong identity that we develop on a daily basis within the firm.

Collective intelligence

Since our inception, we have developed an open culture, based on collaborative practices and approaches, the expression of ideas and cross-functionality.


Through its 1,200 talents, the firm brings together all the expertise in consulting and technology around Data, in its various businesses: Data strategy, Cloud Acceleration, Digital Business, to successfully carry out transformations " data driven ".


At Micropole, innovation goes hand in hand with collective intelligence and experience sharing. We develop an agile culture and collaborative approaches, through dedicated spaces, methods, a start-up gas pedal and an open innovation ecosystem.


Actors in the new world of Data, and in the transformation of companies through Data, our employees are driven by their passion for Data to draw the contours of new customer and employee experiences, and to carry the excellence and vision of Micropole to their customers.

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