First Half Results For 2008: Strong Growth In Profitability

In millions of euros
IFRS standards (*)
 June 30 2007 June 30 2008
 Turnover 36.7 46.2
 Profit from ordinary activities 1.2 2.2
 Other operating income and expense (0.1) (0.2)
 Operating profits 1.1 2.0
 Taxes and financial costs (0.4) (0.8)
 Net result 0.7 1.2

Micropole-Univers, a European consulting and and engineering company, specializing in Business Intelligence, E-Business, CRM and ERP, generated 46.2 M€ of turnover in the first half of 2008. On a like-for-like basis, including exchange rates, this amounts to a 26% increase year on year, a growth rate that is substantially higher than the average for the IT services market.

The company posted 2.2 M€ of profit from ordinary activities for the first half of 2008, up by 80% year on year. The net income of 2.0 M€ is up sharply on 1.1 M€ for the first half of 2007. Finally after deduction of the net financial debt and a non-current tax charge of 0.4 M€ (offset entry of the capitalized tax loss from previous year carry forwards), the net result for the first half of 2008 amounts to 1.2 M€, up by 71% on the previous fiscal year. Finally, Micropole-Univers is pursuing its efforts to reduce its debt, notably a 1 M€ bank debt.

The satisfying figures for the first half are on track with the company's 2007-2009 development plan. The cross-corporate growth dynamic encompasses the areas of Business Intelligence and EBusiness in France, while the new offerings launched in 2007, ERP, Life Science / Health, Accounting & Financial Services, also contributed strong growth. The Micropole-Univers Swiss subsidiary has continued to develop with 19% growth. Finally, the training activity, Micropole-Univers Institut, has seen its business grow by nearly 30%. A key factor in the development of Micropole-Univers has been the quality of the partnerships established with all the leading market players.

All these figures point to the judicious industrial positioning of Micropole-Univers, which offers its customers Consulting and Integration services on high added-value offerings.

"These first-half figures confirm our global development dynamic", said Christian Poyau, CEO of Micropole-Univers. "The ongoing growth of our turnover and the associated profitability are proof that we made the right strategic decisions when we set out to chart our development plan. Our aim is to pursue growth on the international market and also to strengthen the teams dedicated to the new offerings we introduced in 2007. We shall be pushing forward on all fronts, with a close eye on the global economic situation, which is, of course, currently hard to anticipate, and its impact on our market. Whatever happens, our growth will be greater than that of the market".



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