Micropole partners with Jalios to offer companies high-performance collaborative tools

In the current context of health crisis, organizations must organize the conditions of teleworking of their employees. How to encourage collaborative work, facilitate exchanges and maintain social links?

03.2020 : At a time when most of us are teleworking and not all organizations have the tools to promote responsiveness and proximity between their employees, it is more essential than ever to offer them the means to exchange and work in collaborative mode.
This is why Micropole's Central-East and Grand-West agencies are committed to supporting Jalios in the deployment of secure and ready-to-use solutions (video conferences, instant messaging, etc.) to meet your communication and collaboration needs.

With this solidarity initiative, our #InnovativePeople offer you:

  • The Digital Workplace solution is available for free for 3 months and without commitment.
  • Full access to all the features of the collaborative platform.

  • A free 3 to 5 day support for the configuration and assistance to users.

  • A mobile version available for employees who do not have a computer at their disposal.

This offer will allow you to deploy your collaborative platform very quickly and easily. You will be able to :

  • Strengthen your internal communication and reassure your employees, by communicating regularly and simply via blog posts.

  • Collaborate efficiently thanks to collaborative spaces, by project team or in your crisis unit.

  • Create a social link with the corporate social network wall, to meet, say hello, exchange between colleagues and break the isolation.

  • Offer conversation spaces such as forums to exchange, answer questions from your employees or share best practices.

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