Micropole launches Data Thinking to support companies in their transformation " Data Driven "

A new approach that is transforming the way we think about and deal with data issues

Levallois-Perret, 6th February 2020. Micropole, an international consulting and technology group specialising in Data & Digital Experience, is launching Data Thinking, a new approach that radically transforms the way companies think about and process data.

While all companies have data transformation projects, few have projects that are ongoing and sustainable within their organisation. While 29% of companies believe that they are in a position to succeed in their  " data driven " transformation, 74% aspire to it*. However, the flood of data continues to accelerate.

Succeeding in the  data driven transformation challenge

Data, when well used, is a real asset for the company. It is by considering it across the whole organisation that it will generate the most value. With its Data Thinking approach, Micropole untangles the data problems encountered in the various business and IT projects and structures the data transformation of companies. Reconciling the short and long term to meet users' needs, this operational and strategic approach has many advantages:

The definition of a global vision: Optimal reactivity leading to increased satisfaction of the data user The ability to bring together all the necessary and relevant skills (customer, data, marketing, R&D, prototypist, etc.) within a short timeframe. The rapid realisation of projects to test the result and obtain feedback.   Making the company smarter and more efficient in exploiting data by learning from mistakes

A cross-cutting approach by use case

The main challenge is the use of data and its consideration across companies. If we look at the characteristics of the  " data driven " transformation projects that have succeeded in delivering value, we can see that the majority of projects have been designed, guided and implemented using a use case approach.

"The data project cannot be a simple succession of projects, whether in terms of reporting, business intelligence, data visualisation, artificial intelligence or machine learning. It is an ongoing investment that constantly creates a little more wealth on which we must capitalise with creativity, rigour and perseverance", explains Christian Poyau, Chairman and CEO of the Micropole Group.

A holistic view of the data issue

Based on techniques borrowed from Design Thinking and applied to the various fields of data (Data Science, Data Governance, etc.), Data Thinking provides a holistic vision of the data problem. Data users and business issues are at the heart of this approach, which is structured in five steps to solve complex problems. Thanks to collective intelligence, companies will be able to build up and enhance their data assets, gradually and in a sustainable manner, and thus make their organisation data-smart.

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