2009 Turnover: Up 2.1% To 94.3 Million Euros

  • Last quarter up by 4.7 
  • Expected pick-up in growth for 2010


Micropole-Univers, a European company specializing in the Business Intelligence, Web and IT, ERP and CRM fields, achieved a 26.9 million-euro turnover over the last quarter of 2009, an increase of 4.7% over the same period 2008. Consolidated turnover for 2009 was €94.3 million, up 2.1 % on 2008.  

On a like-for-like basis, the last quarter 2009 remained stable in relation to 2008, at 25.6 million Euros. The annual turnover on a like-for-like basis shows a drop of 2.7% to 89.8 million Euros in comparison to 2008. The last quarter however shows a clear reversal of this trend which enables Micropole-Univers to position itself positively for 2010. 

Business activity for the group in 2009 was again above average in relation to market trends. This strong performance within a particularly critical economic context demonstrates the relevance of Micropole-Univers' historic positioning on differentiating and innovative services with high added value.  

All of the Group units contributed to our healthy showing in the face of the crisis. The Web and IT business (France and Switzerland) performed well, and the ERP-SAP business (Isartis) showed strong growth for its' first year within the Group (+62%). The Business Intelligence business dipped slightly, but picked up towards the year-end. The regional development of MicropoleUnivers intensified in 2009. The Rhône-Alpes agency in particular had a very good year overall, with over 16% growth. Lastly, Micropole-Univers Institut, our training business, showed 10% growth in 2009. 

From a financial point of view, Micropole-Univers fundamentals were strengthened by the raising of 8 million euros through an OBSAAR (redeemable share purchase warrants), with a view to enabling the necessary financing for external growth operations.  

"Although 2009 was of course a complicated year, I remain convinced that our business sector will benefit from somewhat brighter prospects in 2010. The crisis has yet again demonstrated that the Information System is an indispensible, even strategic, element for all corporations, whether it's a question of implementing new sales channels, of managing the business more finely, or of centralizing its' processes on proven systems. A company which cuts back on IT investments in 2010 would risk penalizing it's business in the mid-term. The Micropole-Univers Group is taking on 2010 in a resolute and determined frame of mind, and in the best possible position to benefit from an improvement in the economic climate " comments Christian Poyau, CEO of Micropole-Univers.



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