Third Quarter 2011 Turnover Up 22% To €27.2 M

Micropole, an international consulting and engineering group, specialized in the fields of Business Intelligence, e-Business, ERP and CRM, achieved a consolidated turnover of 27.2 million Euros over the third quarter 2011, 22% growth in relation to the same period 2010.

The growth in Group turnover has continued with a sustained dynamic, ahead of the 15% average trend noticed at the beginning of the year. 

Like-on-like, the organic turnover for the third quarter stands at €25.3 m, an increase of 13.4% in relation to the same period last year. This acceleration of the organic growth of Micropole can be explained notably by the significant number of new staff who joined the group at the end of the second quarter, contributing to the future dynamic of the group.

The consolidated turnover over the first three quarters 2011 has reached €85.3 m, this being an increase of 17 % in relation to the €73.0 m achieved over the same period 2010. Like-on-like, the accumulated turnover over the first nine months of the year is €80.5 m, an increase of 10.4%.

"These results are in line with the prospects communicated at the beginning of the year. All businesses and subsidiaries of the group have benefited from continuing robust sales. The order books continue to be satisfactory to date, but we remain watchful given the macro-economic context, which raises questions and uncertainties difficult to elucidate at this time " comments Christian Poyau, C.E.O. of Micropole.



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