Acquisition of Easteq Company in China

With the acquisition of Easteq, Micropole enters a fast-growing market for IT consulting and services in China

For many years, Micropole has been carrying out IT project deployment missions for its clients throughout the world, particularly in Asia. The group has recently seen a clear acceleration in this type of mission. It was therefore strategic for Micropole to strengthen its position in this field by setting up directly in China, in order to offer continuity of service with bi-cultural teams.

The acquisition of Easteq fits perfectly into this strategy with three objectives:

  • To accompany Western companies in the strong growth of their activities in China, the Chinese subsidiaries of these companies now represent very significant sales figures, requiring IT applications perfectly adapted to the Chinese market;
  • take advantage of the dynamism and growth of new Chinese companies in their domestic market to offer them an efficient Information System (IS), the spectacular growth of these companies requires them to set up efficient information and management systems
  • To support Chinese companies setting up in Europe by offering them an IS that meets the expectations of European end customers and western standards.

Easteq in a few words

CMMI-3 certified, Easteq has nearly fifty experienced employees and has many references from large French or European companies established in China. Among them: Veolia, FT Group, Auchan, Roche, 3 Suisses, Alstom, Cofidis, Chargeurs, Fiat, WW; as well as several large Chinese companies such as Pan Pacific, China Telecom, Huawei, Cipris, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp.

Today, Easteq designs, develops and implements applications in various fields:

  • sales: e-commerce, trading, CRM, ERP & SCM ;
  • dedicated to telecoms such as billing, network management, BOSS (Business Operation & Support System), VoIP, Video Conferencing, CDN ;
  • mobile solutions dedicated to smartphones and tablets.

The birth of Micropole China

Easteq was created in 1998 by Mr. Weiqiao HUANG, who will remain a shareholder and member of the Board of Directors of Easteq. The acquisition of Easteq was made entirely in cash and Micropole will hold 51% of the new entity named Micropole China (49% remaining held by its Chinese partners).

The operational management will now be ensured by Mr. Ping LIN, who has been appointed General Manager of Micropole China. He has more than 22 years of experience in China and France (15 years in IT as CIO Lafarge China and IT Application & Method Manager Lafarge Asia, 4 years in finance as industrial controller and cash management project leader, and 3 years in industry as Director of Industrial Performance and Investment).

"We are delighted to join the Micropole Group, which is recognized in Europe and Asia for its high value-added expertise in Business Intelligence and e-Commerce, two fast-growing markets in China. This will enable us to offer our international and Chinese customers the same quality and performance standards", said Ping Lin, General Manager of Micropole China.

"With this acquisition, Micropole now has a significant and fully integrated development base in the Chinese market with significant growth objectives. The Chinese market in the field of consulting and IT services is indeed in its start-up phase. It is also important to underline that this operation does not aim at creating an offshore development platform but rather at carrying out projects on the Chinese market. All of this is perfectly in line with the Micropole Group's strategy of added value, differentiation and innovation", underlines Christian Poyau, CEO of the Micropole Group.



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