First Quarter Turnover Stands At €24.9M

Micropole, an international group in digital technologies and consulting, present in Europe and Asia, achieved a first quarter 2014 turnover of €24.9m.

Like for like, the turnover stood at € 27.6 m over the same period in 2013. Excluding the non-recurring business of license sales over the 1st quarter 2013 (standing at € 1.5 million), the turnover variation between the two periods is limited to 4%.

The development in turnover is directly tied to the group's strategic decision to focus on its high value-added offers. The alignment of our in-house organization to this new strategy was achieved at the end of the first quarter. The year 2014 will now enable an upsurge in business and an intensification of related marketing and sales activity. The group has already noticed significant advances in its high-value added services, notably those linked to new digital and data enhancement usage.

"We are in line with the implementation of our strategic development plan, namely the focusing of our business around four offers which are Digital transformation, Performance Steering and Management, Process Optimization and Data Governance. These offers, consistent and relevant in relation to our customer's expectations, give us a competitive edge which is highly differentiating on the market. Their gradual deployment over 2014 is a growth-promoting asset for the groups future ", comments Christian Poyau, Micropole CEO.



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