Christian Poyau, Chairman and CEO of Micropole, is appointed Chairman of the Digital Transformation Commission of Medef

The MEDEF announced today the appointment of Christian Poyau, Chairman and CEO of Micropole, as President of the Digital Transformation Commission. For the MEDEF, digital transformation is a major axis of development for French companies. In addition to teaching, the Digital Transformation Commission has set itself the objective of assisting companies as concretely as possible, in particular through the dissemination of projects that have already been successfully implemented in companies of different sizes and in different sectors.   


Chairman and co-founder of Micropole, a Digital Services company specializing in Digital Transformation, Performance Management and Data Governance, Christian Poyau is also a director of Syntec Numérique. Christian Poyau succeeds Pierre Louette, Executive Vice President and General Secretary of Orange.


Under the chairmanship of Christian Poyau, the MEDEF Digital Transformation Commission will pursue the missions defined in September 2014 in its roadmap, with the priority objective of digitalizing all French companies. Particular emphasis will be placed on pedagogy and tools to support players in all regions, and concrete illustration through examples of successful digital transformations in companies.


Christian Poyau advocates an approach that is both pragmatic and practical to help business leaders better understand the challenges of digital technology and find the keys to successfully carry out their digital transformation, both in terms of internal organization and customer relations. Christian Poyau will work to reinforce this dynamic with French companies of all sizes and in all sectors.


" The digital revolution impacts all companies and is a major lever for improving competitiveness and growth. It is a step forward for them, which concerns their relationships with their customers, their internal organization and the technological aspects. The good news is that to seize the opportunities offered by digital technology, France has all the assets and in particular an industry of excellence and the best engineering schools," said Christian Poyau. 



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