Good resilience of 2020 turnover at €111.1m

Good resilience of 2020 revenues at €111.1m

In millions of euros unaudited consolidated figures20202019Variation
T428,331,2– 9,4 %
Annual turnover111,1115,4– 3,7 %

Controlled decline in France, strong growth in Benelux

France recorded an 8.3% decline in revenues for the year as a whole. This limited decline in activity is the result of the good positioning of our Data and Digital offerings and the very low exposure of our client portfolio to the sectors most affected by the health crisis (tourism, aeronautics, etc.) and a strong presence in the most resilient or stable sectors (luxury goods, utilities, finance, etc.).

In Switzerland, activity was stable in 2020 (-4.5% at constant exchange rates). Over the year, the Benelux region recorded a strong increase in revenues of 21.4%, fueled by the very rapid development of Cloud offerings and the start-up of activity in the Flanders region.

These good performances in a context of major crisis underline the strong resilience of the group.

Sustained growth in new offerings

For fiscal year 2020 as a whole, the year was marked by a significant increase in activity on the Group's new strategic offerings, in particular :

  • Cloud activities around AWS and Azure solutions, up 63%.
  • cyber security activity carried out via the subsidiary Go Cloud & Security, launched in 2020

This growth was also reflected in a significant increase (+3.7%) in the billing rates for our services, despite a context of pressure on prices that affected most of the players in our fields.

Towards a gradual return to growth in 2021

The beginning of the year is more dynamic both from the point of view of deal flow and the improvement in the activity rate, despite decision cycles that are still important on the part of clients. However, the group expects to see a growth in activity in 2021, and a resumption of recruitment from the first quarter already activated on the entities of the group that have been the most successful in 2020 (Benelux and offers around Data in particular).

The Group's already solid financial structure has been strengthened by the various government measures (PGE, partial activity) introduced in 2020.

In the current context, Micropole is maintaining its medium-term ambitions, particularly in terms of profitability, and will communicate on the revision of the timetable of its strategic plan when it publishes its 2020 results.

Next financial meeting on Tuesday, April 27, 2021
for the publication of the 2020 annual results.



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