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First Quarter 2009 Turnover : 22.2 Million Euros

Micropole-Univers, a European consulting and engineering company specialized in the Business Intelligence, E-Business, ERP and CRM fields, had a €22.2m turnover over the first quarter 2009, a 3% increase over the same period 2008.

The growth recorded in this first quarter is purely organic, with the e-business division giving the best showing of the group, and Switzerland continuing to progress significantly. The other business divisions of the group held up well, given the context of a pronounced economic slowdown, excepting the training division which had a tough start to the year with a drop in turnover of almost 15%.

Despite a respectable economic performance, visibility remains limited on the current year’s prospects, and pressure on pricing remains strong. Micropole-Univers will continue to base itself on solid industrial fundamentals, favoring a differentiating positioning on its services, on its diversified client portfolios and its healthy financial situation. All these elements will enable the company to ensure its continued development during what is proving to be a tough period for the Computer Services market as a whole.

Document d'enregistrement universel - 2022

Document d'enregistrement universel - 2022

Micropole, Groupe international de conseil spécialisé dans la transformation des entreprises par…