2020 Turnover holding up well At €111.1 M

2020 turnover holding up well at €111.1 m

In m€

consolidated figures non audited

2020 2019 Variation
Q4 28,3 31,2 – 9,4 %
Annual Turnover 111,1 115,4 – 3,7 %

Micropole, an international consulting and innovative technologies Group, specialized in Data & Digital Experience, announces having achieved a turnover of 111.1 million euros over FY 2020, as against 115.4 million euros over the same period 2019, this being a decrease of 3.7 % (4.5 % like-for-like). Over the fourth quarter 2020, the turnover stood at 28.3 million euros, as opposed to the 31.2 million euros recorded in 2019, representing a decrease of 9.4% (9.6% like-for-like). The fringe business of license negotiation has dropped by 50% due to an increasing pay-per-usage business model and overall has contributed to an almost 1% drop in the quarterly turnover.

Controlled drop in France, strong growth in Benelux

France recorded a drop in turnover over the whole financial year. This limited drop in business is the result of the good positioning of our Data and digital offers and the very weak exposure of our customer portfolio to the sectors most impacted by the health crisis (tourism, aviation…) as well as our strong presence on the most resistant or stable sectors (luxury, utilities, finance…) .

In Switzerland, business was stable in 2020 (-4.5% like-for-like). Over the year, Benelux attained a high increase in turnover of 21.4%, sustained by the very rapid development of Cloud offers and the start of business in the Flanders region.

This good performance in a major crisis context underlines the strong resilience of the Group.

Sustained growth on the new offers

As regards FY 2020 overall, the year was remarkable for the notable progress of business on the new strategic offers of the Group, more specifically on:
The Cloud offer, based on AWS and Azure solutions, up 63%
The cyber security business, achieved by the Go Cloud & Security business unit, launched during 2020
This progress is also visible by the significant rise (+3.7%) in the invoicing rate of our services, despite a context of tension on pricing which has impacted most of the actors operating in our field.

Towards a progressive return to growth in 2021

The beginning of the year has been more dynamic, as much in terms of the deal flow as in the activity rate, in spite of customer decision cycles, which remain lengthy. The Group, however, is confident of business growth in 2021, and this is reflected in the upturn in recruitment in this first quarter, already begun on the highest – performing Group business units in 2020 (notably Benelux and Data-centric offers).

The already solid financial structure of the group has been underpinned by the different government measures (Government-guaranteed loans, partial employment) implemented in 2020.

In the current context, Micropole maintains its mid-term ambitions, in particular in terms of profitability, and will communicate about the revision of its strategic plan calendar on publication of its 2020 income statement.