Strong Improvement In Consolidated Turnover 2019: €118.4 M (+ 8.3 % Organic Growth)

  • Solid annual growth in 2019
  • Marked acceleration over the second half-year 2019
  • The TARGET 21 strategic plan continues

In m€consolidated non-audited figures   2019  2018  Variation
Q1 29.0 27.5 + 5.5 %
Q2 28.4 27.0 + 5.2 %
Q3 28.2 25.0 + 12.8 %
Q4 32.8 29.9 + 10.0 %
  118.4 109.3 + 8.3 %

Micropole, an international consulting and innovative technologies Group, specialized in Data & Digital Experience, announces the attainment of 118.4 million euros over 2019, as against 109.3 million euros over the same period in 2018, representing growth of 8.3 % (7.3 % like for like). Over the fourth quarter 2019, the turnover stood at 32.8 million euros as opposed to the 29.9 million euros recorded over 2018, this being growth of 10.0 % (8.5 % like for like).

Sustained growth over the fourth quarter

As foreseen, the fourth quarter has witnessed the ongoing acceleration of the Group’s pace of growth as already seen over the third quarter. Micropole has recorded sustained and purely organic growth in the Europe zone, (which covers all business activity in Europe excluding Micropole Learning Solutions, ex-Micropole Institut).

For France, the fourth quarter turnover growth stands at 7.4 % ; this dynamic reflects the excellent positioning on profitable data-related-stake areas, as well as solid mastery of talent management. For Belgium and Switzerland, 22.8 % growth has been reached (19.9 % like-for-like), fueled by the very rapid development of Cloud offers.

This performance is in line with the TARGET 21 strategic objectives as announced in September 2018 and the result of the ongoing work undertaken on the different operational levers throughout the Group’s business areas.

Good annual dynamic over all zones

Regarding FY 2019 as a whole, the year saw business growth in Europe rise to 9.9 % like for like.

  • In France, like for like growth stood at 7.4%, business being boosted by the launch of new offers, notably on Go Cloud & Security, as well as AWS and Azure solution – geared assignments.
  • In Switzerland, business (+ 7 % like for like) was boosted by Data-driven projects. The launch of albert, the new Micropole Group agency dedicated to the Salesforce ecosystem, was announced at the end of the year. 
  • Benelux, with very high development potential on all business activities and over all our business bases there, recorded 16.5 % growth, high acceleration due partly to early positioning on the Cloud AWS platform offers as well as the start of business development in Flanders.

Micropole Learning Solutions activity and that of China have dipped over the period. However, both these units contribute only marginally to the Group turnover, this dip representing only – 0.4 % of the Group’s 2019 turnover.

Regarding the headcount, the Group welcomed 300 new billable consultants and engineers during FY 2019, bringing the total headcount to 1 200 at the end of 2019.

Prospects: confirmation of the TARGET 21 plan

In line with its strategy, the Group will continue the deployment of its new offers on Data, AWS, Azure, Salesforce and Go Cloud & Security.

To support its development on a tense employment market, Micropole is continuing to intensify its Employer Brand policy, geared to recruitment and talent retention. The Group is notably seeking Business consultant and Data expert profiles for all its business bases, to undertake many innovative projects and assignments.

As foreseen, the efforts made over the period have has a positive effect on all the operational indicators, confirming the strategy and positioning of the Group. Micropole therefore reiterates the strategy and objectives communicated in the TARGET 21 plan, that is, to maintain our positioning focused on innovation and the added value brought to our customers, with a current operating income of over 8% planned for 2021.