Micropole First Quarter Turnover: Solid Organic Growth Of 7%

As predicted, 2016 began on a good note with significant growth in turnover. This trend confirms the relevance of the Group’s strategic positioning and strengthens the positive prospects announced for the year as a whole. 

Micropole, an international digital technology and consulting company, achieved a turnover of €26.9m over the first quarter 2016, up 7% in relation to the €25.2m achieved over the same period 2015. As a reminder, in compliance with the IFRS5 directives, the 2015 data integrate the aggregates of a business initially registered as divested, so as to represent homogeneous and comparable information for 2015 and 2016.  

The progression in turnover is in line with the prospects announced in the 2015 income statement report. The increase in invoicing rates is the main lever in this growth, combined with better use of resources. All the areas where Micropole is established have shown growth over this quarter with international business being particularly dynamic.  

To underpin its development, the Group is pursuing an active recruitment policy, notably of business consultants and data experts, in an employment market which has been slightly tense these last few months.

That business is on the right track confirming that Micropole’s positioning around innovation and high value-added services is the correct one. If customer demand is strong for all the offers, it is particularly so for those related to digital and data enhancement. These prospects are underpinned by the Syntec Numérique indicators, which forecast significant continuation of growth for Consulting and Service sectors in 2016.

«Our positioning is perfectly in line with market expectations. We anticipate the continuation of this dynamic and improvement over all our business indicators in 2016», comments Christian Poyau, Micropole CEO.

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