First Quarter Turnover 2010 Up 13% To 25.1 Million Euros

Micropole-Univers, a European consulting and engineering company specializing in the areas of Business Intelligence, Web and IT, ERP and CRM , achieved a 25.1 million euro turnover over the first quarter of 2010, a like-on-like increase of 13% over the first quarter 2009, which amounted to €22.2 m. 

Organic first quarter 2010 turnover attained 23.8 million euro, 7 % up on 2009. This significant increase confirms the improvement in business already perceptible towards the end of 2009. 

In any comparison with the previous financial year, the weak growth in the first quarter of 2009, within the context of a very pronounced economic slowdown, must obviously be taken into account. Incidentally, it is still difficult to have a clear picture of second quarter business for this financial year. 

This being said, with the beginning of this year showing  reasonable levels of growth for all Group entities, Micropole-Univers management are confident about business prospects going forward. 

While business remains variable depending on the business sector (Industry, Banking, Insurance, Auto., Telecom…), which are  not rebounding at the same rate, the diversification of Micropole-Univers’ client portfolio enables us to address this issue. A healthy financial structure and our positioning on high value-added products round out the growth strategy of our group and again demonstrate the relevance of our positioning.