First Quarter 2011 Turnover Up 15% To € 28.8 M

9,6% organic growth

MICROPOLE, a European company specialized in the Business Intelligence, Web & IT, ERP and CRM  fields, achieved a turnover of € 28,8  million Euros over the first quarter 2011, a 14.7% increase over  the €.25.1 M  turnover achieved in the first quarter of  2010. 

Integrating the figures of the Belgian Company Oasis (acquired in January 2011), the organic turnover  on a like-for-like basis over the first quarter stands at €27.5 M, up 9.6% over the previous financial year.  

This significant increase is in line with the tendencies already noticeable in the last quarter 2010. Group  business is positively headed in the right direction on all business offers with higher input from the BI and ERP lines. Turnover is also showing considerable growth in Switzerland and Belgium.   

Christian Poyau, C.E.O. of Micropole, comments « Prospects for FY 2011 are good for all our business lines across all locations. The headcount is also increasing, with new intake totaling over 100 since the beginning of 2011″.   

Upcoming Finance-related dates :
Tuesday July 26th 2011 : Turnover 2nd quarter 2011

Tuesday September 20th 2011 : Income 1st half-year 2011

Tuesday November 8th 2011 : Turnover 3rd quarter 2011

Tuesday February 7th 2012 : Turnover 4th quarter 2011