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First Half-year Turnover Shows A Substantial Increase Of 14.8% To 58.2 M€

Micropole, an international company specializing in the fields of Business Intelligence, ebusiness, ERP and CRM, achieved a consolidated turnover of 58.2 million Euros in the first half-year of 2011, representing growth of over 14.8 % in relation to the 50.7 million Euros attained over the same period in 2010.

In comparable terms, that is, like-on-like, Micropole had a 55.3 million Euro turnover for the first halfyear 2011, an increase of 9.1% compared to the same period 2010. For the second quarter 2011, on a like-for-like basis, the turnover stands at 27.8 million Euros, up 8.8% on the previous year’s second quarter results.

A first half-year 2011 in line with expectations, with significant consolidated growth

The first half-year 2011 confirms the significant growth in turnover for the Micropole group, as had been anticipated. Micropole is clearly outperforming on the market, as Syntec Digital predicts 3% growth for 2011.

Our pursuit of investment has continued- despite the volatility of the European economy- and notably in the areas of decision-support IT and e-business (development of web applications, e-commerce sites and customer knowledge). Over this first half-year, the dynamism of Business Intelligence is particularly noteworthy, more specifically in regard to budget and financial management solutions, a field in which Micropole is a leader in Europe.

The Group also carries on its web development with the acquisition of the Wide global communication group last May, which rounds out the existing e-commerce and CRM offers within the group, as well as the skills sets of its Swiss Cross Agency company. All this strengthens the e-marketing expertise of Micropole, aligning it more closely to its clients Brand strategy. Finally, the ERP Business Unit is showing clear growth in relation to the 2010 financial year, a slightly flatter year for this business.

The Micropole regional agencies in France are also contributing significantly to group performance, today accounting for over 16% of overall turnover, with an average growth rate of 19%.

International development which reflects the group’s dynamism

This first half-year 2011 has also witnessed an important stage in the ramping up of the Micropole group’s international development (23% of turnover to date), with the acquisition in January of Oasis Consultants, a Belgian company specialized in ERP-SAP, followed by that of the Chinese company Easteq, based in Shanghai and Hong Kong, specialized in Business Intelligence and corporate application development (e-commerce, Trading, CRM, ERP & SCM).

It is to be noted that the first half-year figures for do not integrate the data for the recently acquired Wide and Easteq companies.

On the strength of these acquisitions, Micropole has reinforced its know-how and expertise in Business Intelligence, e-business and ERP, in Europe as well as in Asia.

“The growth which we had predicted for our business in 2011 has been confirmed, strengthening once again our positioning as a high-value added, differentiating, solution integration and consulting company. Our new hire recruitment plan ties in with our objectives. Regarding the second half-year, the prospects remain positive, and we continue to examine team and/or corporate acquisition opportunities in France and abroad, in accordance with our long-term strategy”, comments Christian Poyau, Micropole CEO.