First Half-year 2017 Turnover

Micropole: first half-year 2017 turnover at 58.1 million euros,
representing organic growth of 3.1% 

  • Strong business calendar impact over the second quarter 
  • Very favorable prospects for the third and last quarters of the year 

The Group announces growth in its turnover over the first half-year, despite the impact of a notably unfavorable calendar effect on the period in question (negative business day effect of 4.3%). On the strength of the strong showing in business indicators, of its added-value strategy and the ideal positioning of its offers, Micropole reaffirms its prospects of exceeding market growth in 2017. 

Micropole, an international consulting and innovative technology Group, specialized in Digital Transformation, Performance Management and Data Governance, achieved a turnover of €58.1m over the first half-year of 2017, as opposed to €56.4m in 2016 (+3.1%). Like for like, turnover growth stands at 2.5%. The Group also announces the disposal of its shares in the Belgian company WeQan. Representing an insignificant part of the Group’s turnover, this operation enables Micropole Belgium to focus on the development of its strategic Data and Digital-based offers.

Over the second quarter, the turnover generated stands €28.8 m, as against the €29.5 m recorded over the same period in 2016 (-2,4%). Several elements have had a severe impact on second quarter productivity, and this over all geographical areas where the Group is established: a significant business day effect (-3 days having an impact on the quarterly figures of  -4.3%), a sharp  increase in leave taken in Switzerland due  to the high number of new hires in 2016 and a very high base effect (+14.8% organic growth in Q2 2016).

In spite of this, all the geographical areas of the Group show continued growth with +1% in France and +13% internationally. Only Micropole Institut, the related training business of the Group, remains highly impacted by the sectorial reforms in professional training. The overall business is well positioned for the second half-year 2017, which enables the Group to fully maintain its objectives of significant growth and of out-performing the market average for the financial year.

In an ever-tense recruitment context for the sector -one of the main stakes for growth- Micropole, obtained the Happy At Work for Starters label for the second consecutive year in France. Now ranked N° 8 in the list of top French enterprises for those starting their career, Micropole actively continues its policy of recruitment of new talent, notably in the field of decision-support and digital consulting.   

«The Group fully maintains its favorable prospects 2017, with a very promising third quarter start. The dynamism of the sales activity, as well as the ideal positioning on our markets of our high added-value offers, offer very promising growth prospects for the second half-year», commented Christian Poyau, CEO of Micropole.

Next financial date on Wednesday September 27th 2017 for the publication of the first half-year income statement. The complete financial calendar can be viewed on the group’s internet site.