Ebit And Net Income Improving

High value-added business activities performing 

In million euros / AUDITEd figures – IFRS Norms 2013           2012*          
Turnover 111,6113,7
Current operating income 3,13,5
Other products and operational expenses(0,1)(1,0)
EBIT 32,5
Net income 1,30,

(*): In compliance with IFRS 5 provisions, the income statement has been reprocessed so as to present comparative information on the two periods in question.   

Consolidated income 2013

Micropole, a digital technology and consulting group, achieved a turnover of 111.6 million euros for FY 2013. Like–for-like, the slowdown in business stands at 1.8%. Excluding the calendar effect (in the region of 2 fewer days in 2013 vs. 2012, depending on area), the impact is limited to 1.3%.

The current operating income stands at 3.1 million euros as against 3.5 million euros in 2012. As regards the EBIT and net income, they show significant progress, at respectively 3 million euros as opposed to 2.5 million euros in 2012 and 1.3 million euros as opposed to 0.9 million euros in the previous financial year.

Focus on four digital and Data –related  offers

As announced last February, the Micropole group has undertaken an in-depth strategic analysis of its markets and positioning. This work has enabled us to confirm the relevance of its three historical fundamentals, namely Added value, Innovation and International. On the strength of these findings, the group will focus all its expertise on four major offers going forward:

  • Digital Transformation – partnering corporations in their digital strategy and innovation around new usages.
  • Performance Management – assisting general management and business management to define and optimize their strategic and operational information.
  • Process Optimization – implementing integrated management systems.
  • Data Governance – partnering corporations in the management and enhancement of their data and information.

Finalized at the start of 2014, this re-alignment has already enabled relevance and performance gains. It has also underlined the suitability of our offers with respect to growing business management expectations, which are strengthening within enterprises, as emanating from order-givers.

Moreover, grouped together in this way, Micropole expertise offers the significant competitive edge of covering all customer needs around the key Digital and Data themes: marketing, customer knowledge and relationships, mobility, strategic and operational enterprise management … Several significant projects combining these areas of expertise have already been signed up. 

2014 Prospects

« In a deteriorated macro-economic context in Europe, which has clearly impacted business as a whole, 2013 has nonetheless enabled the Micropole group to confirm its fundamentals. The work on our offer re-alignment and consistency has empowered us to put the highly complementary nature of our expertise to work, thus meeting our customer expectations. What’s more, the ongoing progress of our business internationally allows us to assert our confidence in the relevance of our strategic choices. 2014 has therefore begun on an encouraging note for Micropole, underpinned by the indicators for Syntec Digital for the consulting and services market, which predict +1.2% growth this year », comments Christian Poyau, Micropole CEO.