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2008 Financial Year Income Statement

  • 2008 current operating profit up 34% 
 million euros – IFRS S1
 Turnover  46,2 46,2 92,4 78,518%
 Current operating profit 2,2 2,1 4,3 3,234%
as % of turnover  4,8% 4,6% 4,7% 4,1% 
 Other operating income and expenses (0,2) (0,2) (0,4) (0,4)   –
 Operating profit 2,0 1,9 3,9 2,839%
 Net profit 1,2 1,5 2,7 1,759%

Micropole-Univers, a European consultancy and services company specialising in the fields of Business Intelligence, E-Business, CRM and ERP, posted a 2008 current operating profit of 4.3 million euros, or 4.7% of turnover, up 34% on 2007.

An 18% increase in year-on-year turnover combined with continued improvement in productivity, boosted the operating profit to 3.9 million euros. Net profit for the year showed a 59% increase, at 2.7 million euros compared to 1.7 million in 2007.

A solid financial situation

At the end of 2008, the group’s equity capital amounted to 50.3 million euros and its debt ratio stood at virtually zero, with 0.8 million euros of medium and long term debt. The group had 12.2 million euros in cash, its operations having generated cash flow of nearly five million euros over the year.

Micropole-Univers intends to pursue the development plan launched in early 2007 which has proved to be highly appropriate in financial terms, with the results showing a very marked upturn over the last two years.

2008 key events

All Micropole-Univers’ divisions showed strong development in 2008 in line with objectives, with EBusiness displaying notable progress.

  • In the Services and Integration sector, the Business Intelligence and E-business divisions, which fall within the group’s traditional area of expertise, recorded strong development over 2008. Business Intelligence, which represents nearly 50% of Micropole-Univers’ turnover, achieved growth of 15%, significantly higher than the market average. E-Business saw a 17% rise in turnover, especially due to E-commerce and MDM (Master Data Management) projects.  
  • The ERP offer and the Life Sciences and AFS (Accounting and Financial Services) divisions, launched in 2007, together recorded significant growth, to reach a turnover of five million euros in 2008.  
  • The Training division saw its turnover increase by 19% compared to 2007, particularly in Ebusiness and Behavioural / Management -related training and on e-learning projects, in which the company continues to develop recognised expertise.  
  • The portion of Micropole-Univers’ 2008 turnover achieved internationally represented 22%, with business in Switzerland showing an increase of over 12.4% (excluding exchange rate impact).

Acquisition of ISARTIS on 22 April 2009

Micropole-Univers recently acquired a 100% stake in Isartis, an IT systems consultancy firm founded in 2002, which specialises in SAP packages.

This acquisition was paid for in cash, with a supplementary payment linked to performance criteria in terms of turnover and profitability. The company will be consolidated in Micropole-Univers’ accounts as of April 1st 2009.

Isartis has a 2008 turnover of 3.5 million euros (financial year closing on June 30th), operating profitability of 17%, and over 40 references in SAP integration projects to its name, and so this external growth operation brings significant development leverage to Micropole Univers’ ERP business.

Isartis has a team of around thirty consultants, and is a special SAP partner on training for the SAP France centre. It is the leading supplier of skills in terms of number of days sold for SAP’s Consultancy arm, and is also a AVD (Added Value Distributor) for the sale of SAP licences in the SME/SMI sector.

“There is genuine synergy in the merger of Micropole-Univers and Isartis in both industrial and business terms. The group contributes its commercial strength, its brand image and its major account presence. These various points, allied to the high level of skill acquired by Isartis’ teams around our ERP SAP solution, will enable us to accelerate business growth in the coming years,” conclude Michael Perrin and Christophe Collignon, co-founders of Isartis.

Prospects for 2009

Prospects for 2009 are difficult to predict. But based on an industrial business model which continues to prove its worth, Micropole-Univers’ business should continue to display moderate organic growth in a market which, according to the latest Syntec Informatique estimations, is indicating zero growth.

The company will pursue the development of its business, underpinned by a number of strong points:

  • In phase with the 2007-2009 development plan, this growth dynamic will be based on the quality of its positioning as an “expert-specialist” and leader on high value-added solutions such as Business Intelligence and E-commerce.  
  • Micropole-Univers also intends to pursue its growth by continuing the deployment of its new offers in ERP, Life Sciences and AFS, which continue to display promising prospects.  
  • The international sector is still developing, especially in Europe, and more specifically in Switzerland due to the upsurge in Business Intelligence and principally E-commerce services.  
  • Lastly, the solidity of its financial structure means that Micropole-Univers is well-equipped to face the economic uncertainties of the market.

Micropole-Univers is also keeping a close eye on external growth opportunities in Europe (Benelux, Germany and German-speaking Switzerland), with the Group targeting profitable medium-sized companies positioned on high value-added services.

“While keeping a close watch on a market which is both uncertain and complex, we remain positive and dynamic. We are pursuing our business development serenely, while taking care to continue the diversification of our portfolio in different business sectors,” says Christian Poyau, Chairman and CEO of Micropole-Univers“In order to develop the Group’s turnover, we will not hesitate to consider external growth operations internationally.”

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