1St Quarter 2013 Turnover Stands At €29.1 M

Micropole, a digital services company, based in Europe and Asia, specialized in the fields of  Business Intelligence, e-Business, ERP and CRM, achieved a consolidated turnover of 29.1 million euros in the first quarter of 2013, down 4.3 % in relation to the same period  2012.

This first quarter was strongly impacted by an unfavorable calendar effect in France (- 2 days) and in Switzerland (-3 days). Taking a similar number of worked days as a basis, the turnover for the period would have been stable in relation to that of the first quarter last year. Besides this fact, the growth drivers for the first quarters 2012 and 2013 were different. Figures for the first quarter 2012 were significantly impacted by the high increase in headcount maintained throughout FY 2011. Conversely, the 1st quarter 2013 was underpinned by a clear improvement in activity rates, with a relatively stable headcount in relation to the last quarter of 2012.

Like-for-like, the organic turnover for the first quarter 2013 stands at 28.5 million euros.

« In this, the beginning of 2013, the Group’s key indicators enable us to notice a positive dynamic, with a resulting mechanical upturn in headcount growth in France, a trend which should continue into the second quarter. As with many corporations in this sector in a generally uncertain economic climate, the group pursues the recovery of its margins as a priority», comments Christian Poyau, Micropole CEO.