The Micropole Group Pursues Its Development In Belgium

The Group Announces The Merging Of Its Two Subsidiaries In Belgium, And Bases The Firming-up Of Its Leadership On The Market On The New Synergies Thus Created

With bases In Europe and in Asia, specialized in Business Intelligence, e- Business, ERP and CRM solution consulting and integration for business management, Micropole pursues the deployment of its expertise over all its established territories in line with its international strategy. Less than two years after their acquisition, Micropole is making the merging of OASIS Consultants and Velixis official, under one common entity: Micropole Belgium. The goal is to strengthen Micropole's presence on a dynamic Belgian market by proposing complementary, innovative, value - added offers to its customers.

Pursuit of the Group's international strategy 

OASIS Consultants, a specialist in ERP solution implementation on SAP for over 10 years, and Velixis, a Business Intelligence and Performance Management solution integrator, have succeeded in creating synergy based on the complementarity of their offers which has greatly contributed to their business development. This closeness is today manifest by their common wish to share their expertise and develop business through the launch of new services. Reunited from now on in the same premises and under the same name, Micropole Belgium will be managed by Ann Franssens, the associate and co-founder of OASIS Consultants Belgium, who already sits on the Group Management Committee.

" Eighteen months after setting up in Belgium, we can notice the solid progress made in business, and we intend to seize the opportunities offered by the prevailing market dynamism in the country. The strategic merging of our two subsidiaries is totally in line with their long-standing collaboration, as is entrusting Ann Franssens with the responsibility of pursuing our development on the Belgian market ", declares Christian Poyau, Micropole CEO.

Micropole Belgium launches a new offer of Customer Intelligence Management

Already offering its combined expertise in ERP, Business Intelligence and Performance Management on the ground, Micropole Belgium announces the launch of a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) offer based on Customer Intelligence. In an ever more competitive context, this area of expertise is centered on partnering enterprises in improving their knowledge of consumer behavior so as to optimize their customer experience and gain market share.

"By leveraging the strengths of the Micropole Group and those of our strategic partners, we will pursue our growth by proposing more rounded-out offers to our mutual customers. Today, the synergies created with the French teams enable us to deploy an innovative, high-value CRM offer which meets the real needs of marketing and general management on the Belgian market ", concludes Ann Franssens.



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