8.3 % Organic Growth In 3rd Quarter Turnover To €22.3 M

Strong growth in line with 2010 forecasts

MICROPOLE, a European company specialized in the Business Intelligence, Web & IT, ERP and CRM fields, achieved a consolidated turnover of 22.3 million Euros over the third quarter 2010, representing an 8.3% increase over 2009. The dynamic growth in MICROPOLE's turnover has therefore continued, in line with the trends for the group as identified at the beginning of the year.

The accumulated turnover for the first three quarters 2010 reached €73.0 m, this being an 8.3% increase over the same period last year, when the figure stood at €67.4 m. This figure is particularly significant in the light of the period, which traditionally presages reduced activity rates due to summer vacation. Like-on-like, the accumulated turnover over the first 9 months of the year is up 7%. 

This performance is perfectly in line with the prospects communicated at the beginning of the year, and re-stated in September 2010. All the MICROPOLE business lines have benefited from significant growth in business. The highly active development policy in MICROPOLE has paid off, and should naturally continue to produce results until the year-end. 

"The third quarter is perfectly in line with our forecast for the year 2010. Our prospects for the yearend are very positive and we are banking on continued strong growth " comments Christian Poyau, C.E.O. of MICROPOLE.



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