2012 revenues stable at €120.4 million

Micropole, an international consulting and engineering group specializing in Business Intelligence, e-Business, ERP and CRM, achieved stable annual revenues in 2012 at €120.4m, compared to the €120.8m achieved in 2011 (-0.3%). On a like-for-like basis, revenues amounted to €117.4m, down 2.8%.

The year 2012 therefore took place in a complex macro-economic context with a significant slowdown in investments. This decline in the level of activity, noted from March onwards, had intensified during the second and third quarter. On the contrary, the end of the year was marked by a change in trend.    

In absolute terms, the last quarter of 2012 has in fact clearly shown an increase in the level of activity and growth in the order book. This allows us to approach the beginning of 2013 with prospects for an improvement in the group's activity. On the other hand, in relative terms compared to 2011, the last quarter was impacted for Micropole by an unfavorable base effect, since the group's growth had been 21% in the fourth quarter of 2011. In addition, December 2012 was specifically marked by a negative calendar effect of 18% (18 days of production compared to 22 in December 2011) and a sharp increase in the rate of vacations taken, as well as less dynamism on license sales figures. In the fourth quarter, consolidated revenues reached €32.0m, down 9.9% compared to 2011 (on a like-for-like basis, organic revenues were €31.5m versus €35.5m).

From the point of view of analysis by geographical sector and over the year as a whole, the slowdown was most marked in France and Switzerland. Switzerland in particular was very strongly affected by the difficulties affecting the banking sector. In this country, activity reached its low point in September, before picking up significantly in the last quarter. The Benelux countries, mainly driven by the dynamism of the ERP offering, benefited strongly from projects with an international component. Finally, in China, for its first year of operation, Micropole recorded the signature of several new projects in 2012, thus offering good growth prospects, even if the activity has not yet had a significant impact on overall revenues.

In line with its strategy, the Micropole Group has therefore continued its international development, which now accounts for nearly 27% of revenues. 2012 was marked by the opening of a third office in China (Beijing), and the acquisitions of the Belgian company Velixis, specializing in Business Intelligence, and the Swiss consulting firm Beryl, specializing in risk and organization (financial sector). In 2012, Micropole therefore amplified its strategy of strengthening its high value-added offers with an international focus.

In terms of offerings, the year was marked by the dynamism of high value-added activities, such as EPM and Master Data Management, in which Micropole is a leader, as well as ERP. Also noteworthy in France was the growth of the Group's training subsidiary, as well as the regions, whereas Business Intelligence and e-Business were more affected in Paris by the market slowdown. The 2012 financial year highlights an acceleration of the difference in dynamics between activities, which will enable the group to better direct its investments in the coming years.

" Fiscal 2012 was undeniably complicated, especially during the second and third quarters. However, the end of the year saw a stabilization of our activity compared to the previous two quarters, and above all an increase in the order book. Generally speaking, the high value-added offerings in which Micropole is positioned continued to develop, enabling the Group to start 2013 with a more sustained commercial dynamic than at the beginning of last year. Continuing to develop our differentiating activities, innovation and international expansion remain the key words for Micropole's strategy and the resumption of our growth in 2013 ", comments Christian Poyau, Chairman and CEO of Micropole.



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